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Cocaine Bull is amped up and ready to rage into the next bull run. Crypto never sleeps, and neither does he. Be sure to grab yourself a bag of COKE today!

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How To Buy Cocaine Bull Token (COKE)

Step 1

Connect Your Digital Stash

First things first, connect your digital stash (cryptocurrency wallet) to the Uniswap scene. You'll need a wallet like MetaMask to roll.

Cryptocurrency Wallet
Step 2

Load Up on ETH

Make sure your wallet is loaded with enough Ethereum (ETH) to cover the "transaction fees" – it's the cost of doing business in this underground crypto world.

Ethereum Logo
Step 3

Track Down Cocaine Bull Tokens

Hunt for the elusive Cocaine Bull (COKE) Tokens by whispering its secret code or name into the Uniswap interface's ear.

Uniswap Logo
Step 4

Swap for Cocaine Bull Tokens

Now it's time to make a shady deal. Enter the amount of ETH you're willing to exchange for some Cocaine Bull Tokens. Review the terms, and when you're ready, hit that "confirm" button. Then, it's the waiting game.

Once the deal's done, you'll have a stash of Cocaine Bull Tokens in your wallet. Don't forget to count your loot by adding the token to your wallet and checkin' your balance. Keep it low-key, and happy tradin'!

Total Supply

1 Quadrillion


0% Buy / 2% Sell

1% Hookers


Pile of Cocaine
  • (Coming and Going)
Roadmap Title

Binge 1

- Launch

- Socials

- Website

- Community Building

Binge 2

- Partnerships

- Top-tier Influencers

- More Community Building

- Rehab

Binge 3

- Targeted Marketing



- Relapse

Binge 4

- Recovery

- Global Memecoin Domination